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Aspects to Consider Prior to Buying a Squirrel Feeder


If you love observing squirrels in their natural habitat, it is advisable that you invest in squirrel feeders. Such feeders would help attract squirrels to guarantee your viewing pleasure. Since only the right type of feeders would make a quality investment, it is important to do your homework prior to contacting any dealer. This article highlights a few of the important things to consider when choosing such a feeder.


The appearance of a feeder is an important factor to consider. It is advisable to choose among feeders that would blend into your outdoor scene. If you do not have any idea regarding how to choose the right item for your type of scenery, it is advisable to ask for help. Choose a color and shape that would not frighten away the animals.


It is important to ensure that the picnic table squirrel feeder would be easy to use for the animals in question. The animals are likely to give up if the feeder does not allow for easy feeding. If you are shopping for a house-shaped feeder, it ought to come with a hinged lid that the animals would enjoy opening to access their food. Feeders that come with corncob holders would be an ideal choice. It is also important to choose among feeders that come with a ledge that the squirrels can stand on when feeding.


Consider size prior to placing an order. If you are shopping for a house-shaped feeder, it ought to be large enough to hold a large volume of food. If you would be filling it up with numerous types of foods, size is a factor that you should not compromise on. Since the animals will have to feed inside such a feeder, whatever you choose should be large enough to accommodate the animal. Know more about garden furniture in http://www.encyclopedia.com/literature-and-arts/fashion-design-and-crafts/interior-design-and-home-furnishings/table.


You should factor in your budget before contacting any dealer. While the best squirrel feeders do not come cheap, it would be a bad decision buying the most expensive wooden squirrel feeder there is if you are on a budget. In case you are buying yours online, you ought to confirm pricing prior to making a decision. It is important to inquire regarding return policies just in case the dealer ships the wrong item.


Take note of quality prior to making a decision. You need a feeder that can withstand the test of time. It is important to choose among materials that can withstand harsh weather. A feeder that can keep moisture out would help protect the food from mold, which can be dangerous to the animals.