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Types of Squirrel Feeders


There are several types of squirrel feeders you just have to choose on that best suits you. Squirrels are a nuisance but at the same time very adorable creatures. So if you decide to tame some and feed them, make sure you choose the right feeder to avoid any inconveniences. Here are some types of squirrel feeders you should know about.


Most people settle on mounted feeders since they are more convenient. Squirrels can eat their food at a single spot and this makes feeding easy. A corn on the cob feeder will be the most appropriate choice for you if you have a mounted picnic table squirrel feeder. However, there are some other feeders like hanging feeders for instance. Normally they just consist of a piece of dried corn on a chain. As a matter of fact it's actually one among the most popular squirrel feeders.


There's a variety of corn on the cob feeders that are set up on a tree and have sticks to allow for mounting of the corn on the cob squirrel feeder. This type of feeder is capable of holding up to five ears of corn and they hover around on a wind mill like device. This is a good option since you get the chance to watch multiple squirrels feed at the same time and at the same time you will be having fun. Learn how to arrange garden furniture with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_2146613_arrange-patio-furniture.html.


Everyone is well aware of how much squirrels love peanuts and therefore getting them a peanut dispenser is an awesome idea. A combination of a peanut dispenser and a corn on the cob feeder is a good way to keep your squirrels happy. Finding the right squirrel feeder for you won't be a problem if you consult those who have already purchased some for their squirrels.


The Audubon squirrel munch box is another type of squirrel feeder you should know about. It's made out of natural cedar, is durable and provides the family with hours of fun. This feeder deters the squirrels from eating all the nuts simultaneously. It also allows you to watch your squirrels as they open the hinged lid and dig for peanuts. So in case you want to buy a feeder, you should consider it among your options. The body can be accessed easily hence cleaning is easy. You also have to make sure that you keep your squirrel feeder as far as possible from your bird feeder whatever type you own.